This past Sunday saw the running of The Outfitters 8th Annual St. Paddy’s Day 5km snowshoe race in the beautiful trails of Pippy Park in St John’s.

Pat Collins (above) to the top spot with a incredible time of 19 min 48 secs.

Top female competitor was Priscilla Rideout (below) with a time of 30 min 48 sec.


Full Results

Bib # First Name Last Name Finish Time
8 Pat Collins 19m48s
22 Don Planchat 20m58s
26 Tom Browne 21m41s
20 Mike Russell 22m44s
5 Grant Dwyer 22m49s
25 Steve Forward 23m15s
50 Greg Tricco 25m10s
1 Forrest Mills 25m18s
7 Ryan David Butt 27m57s
11 Lenny French 28m01s
16 Priscilla Rideout 30m48s
21 Dennis Flynn 30m54s
14 Sharon Wall 30m59s
12 Katie Rowe 31m04s
15 Jacqueline Hanlon 31m05s
23 Jef Combdon 31m29s
24 Claudette Marie Warren 32m09s
2 Melanie Mercer-Melbourne 33m02s
13 Joanne Wall 34m38s
17 Sarah Predham 35m46s
6 Harry Murray 35m56s
10 Brett Heistinger 35m59s
45 Colette Taylor 36m27s
4 Valerie Power 36m31s
46 Jodi Dodge 37m07s
60 Majed Khraishi 41m28s
18 Trudy Coombs 41m35s
9 Catherine Barrett 41m35s
3 Vanessa Squires 46m15s
39 Kimfa Wright 46m16s
42 Tara Kavanagh 46m22s
41 Debbie Smith 48m00s
40 Sarah Smith 48m00s
44 Susan Hart 54m00s
43 Susan Davis 54m02s
49 Krysta Coupal 54m25s
47 Christie Law 54m26s
36 Karen Curtis 60m47s
35 David Curtis 60m47s