S U N D A Y 

The Cataracts picked up their ninth win of the season Sunday doubling the Clarenville Caribous  6-3 at the Joe. The win has the Cats at the Christmas Break with 19 points seven more than the Caribous.

Danny Wicks and Mike Brent scored two goals each for the Cataracts with singles from Andrew Brennan and Stephen Simms.

Ken Mahoney had a pair of goals for the Bous and Chad Earle added a single.

The game, which was chippy at times, saw the Clarenville coach Rebecca Russell ejected from the game.


S A T U R D A Y 

It went to a shootout and in the end the Clarenville Caribous come away with a 5-4 victory over the first place Grand Falls Windsor Cataracts on the Cataracts home ice.

The Caribous opened up what look to be a commanding 3-1 lead after the first period on goals by Chad Earle, Jordan Kennedy and Brandon Roach. Kyle McGuirk had the goal for the Cataracts.
The Caribous maintained their lead but the Cataracts moved to within a goal and it was a 4-3 Bous lead. Kenny Mahoney ad the Clarenville goal while McGuirk with his second and Andre Gill moved the Cats to within one.
Michael Cole tie the game at 11:29 of the third period forcing overtime.
OT settled nothing and the game was decided by a shootout.


Cataracts 12 9 1 2 19
Caribous 10 6 4 0 12
Flyers 10 1 8 1 3