Gary Corbett of Holyrood is the new president of Softball Newfoundland and Labrador. He was elected unopposed during the organization’s annual meeting during the weekend. Outgoing president Paul Smith declined nomination. Corbett, a Softball Newfoundland and Labrador Hall of Fame in player category owns an extremely impressive record of contributions to softball during the past 40 years, said he is ”reasonably satisfied with the male program within the province. We have accomplished much at national and international competitions during the past number of years and the male program does not require a great deal of immediate work.”

Corbett stressed ”we require a greater emphasis on the female softball program and I intend to concentrate on working to bring female softball comparable to the time when we ranked like in the 1980’s with every province across Canada and in fact finished fourth at national championships three times. In 2020, Ladies Softball is back into the Summer Olympics and this is our opportunity to provide the programs to ensure that our females are given every chance to grow their skills set to compete with Ladies across Canada. A female program will require a great deal of work and effort because right now there is minimum opportunities available. That will be my priority and the SNL Board will be looking for grass roots assistance from organizers, coaches, men’s elite program, and our retired females to bring this goal to a reality. ”

Bill Barron of St. John’s was re-elected provincial finance director marking 60 consecutive years that he has sheld an executive softball position. Ross Crocker of Corner Brook was re-elected vice-president. Geral Gosse of St. John’s is the secretary with Victoria Davis of St. John’s female director, Sean Cadigan minor director, Jason Hall adult director, Tom Healey central region director and Paul Smith is past president. Other regional directors and Eastern Canadian director are to be determined.

Corbett, Crocker, Barron, Davis, Cadigan, Gosse and Hill will comprise an executive committee.