Lafontaine Club Bud Light 10–Rob Roy 2


There was a first for St. John’s St. John’s Intermediate softball on Friday.

Brittany McCarthy  of Lafontaine Club Bud Light became The First Female To Play In The Molson St. John’s Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch League. McCarthy Entered The Game In The Top of the 5th Inning At Second Base And Finished The Game With 1-Assist (4-3).


Lafontaine Club Bud Light Pitching Stats:

WP: Nick Pittman 5IP, 2R, 2H, 2BB, 5K


Lafontaine Club Bud Light Top Batters:

Nick Pittman 2-3, 2R, 2R Home Run (Inside-the-Park), 3RBI

Troy Leonard 2-3, 2R, 1RBI

Russell Woodman 1-3, 1R, 3RBI

Sheldon Keefe 1-3, 1R, Double, 1RBI

Eddie Hefferan 1-3, Double, 1RBI


Rob Roy Pitching Stats:

LP: Noah Dinn 4IP, 10R, 8H, 2BB, 3K


Rob Roy Top Batters:

Andrew Gale 1-2, 1RBI

Steven Joy 1-2



Bay Roberts Coors Light 8–Rob Roy 0


Peter Kavanagh belted a two run homer as Bay Roberts Coors Light Blanked Rob Roy 8-0.


Bay Roberts Coors Light Pitching Stats:

WP: Johnny Doyle 5IP, 0R, 4H, 1BB, 9K


Bay Roberts Coors Light Top Batters:

Johnny Doyle 2-2, 1R, Double, 1BB, 2RBI

Peter Kavanagh 1-3, 1R, 2R Home Run, 2RBI

Stephen Oates 1-3, 1R, 1BB, 1RBI

Brandon Coady 1-3, 1R, 1RBI

Paddy Flynn 1-3, 1R, 1RBI (1st Career Hit)


Game Note

Paddy Flynn (BRCL) Collected His 1st Career Intermediate League Hit With A Single To Centerfield In His 1st At Bat And Made An Outstanding Shoe-String Catch In Right-Field To End The Game.


Rob Roy Pitching Stats:

LP: Noah Dinn 5IP, 8R, 7H, 6BB, 0K


Rob Roy Top Batters:

Steven Brazil 1-2

Jonathan Mootrey 1-3, Double

Geoff Stack 1-3

Mitch Stack 1-3


Next Intermediate League Action



6:00pm Cougar Engineering/CBS Storm (6-7) vs. Game on Gear (6-2)

8:00pm Game on Gear (6-2) vs. Lafontaine Club Bud Light (9-3)