JACK LEEA  bombshell dropped as Hockey Nfld and Labrador opens its annual meeting in Gander.

The Canadian Hockey Players Association has asked Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador President to Step down as head of the organization.

The founder of the CHPA– Glenn Gumblkey  has sent a letter to Lee making the request


Greetings Jack Lee,


By way of introduction my name is Glenn Gumbley and I am the founder of the Canadian Hockey League Players’ Association.


Over the past several years we have been committed to ridding the Canadian hockey establishment of many of it’s questionable business practices and corruption which brought me to you today.


It continues to be brought to our attention that you are the owner and operator of Blizzard Hockey and hold these titles and positions while sitting as President of HNL. Clearly you are aware that this is a major conflict of interest and furthermore contradicts Hockey Canada’s own rules and bylaws.


Surely you are aware of Hockey Canada’s bulletin from May, 2009. Hockey Canada issued action bulletin number A0945, the subject of which is “Outlaw Leagues – Leagues Operating Outside of the Auspices of Hockey Canada”.


You are the owner and operator of Blizzard Hockey which is not a member of Hockey Canada and operates as an independent organization. Although we commend you on your successful business, we are extremely concerned that your position as President of HNL not only poses a major conflict of interest but is also contributing to the lack of confidence and trust within HNL community and membership.


We are asking that you step down immediately from your position as President of HNL so that parents and families within HNL’s membership can restore their faith and confidence in HNL, without having to be subjected to clear violations of Hockey Canada’s own bylaws.


Having said all of this, I understand that hockey parents can often become bias when it comes to their own children and that many look for reasons to complain, however, after our organization received several complaints from numerous different parents within HNL membership we have an obligation to look into and address these complaints if they prove to be valid.


There is absolutely no question that the complaints which we have received from parents and players involving yourself, Blizzard Hockey and the Hockey Newfoundland Presidency are completely valid, leaving us with no alternative but to address the issue(s) at hand.


I have already informed Mr Renney and Mr McCurdie via email yesterday and we will be monitoring this situation very closely.


Mr Lee. Although you’ve always been upfront about your affiliation with Blizzard Hockey while President of HNL, It’s important for you to understand that minor hockey in Canada is about the kids and not about your business ventures. It’s extremely important that hockey players and their parents can enroll in hockey in Newfoundland without fear of reprisal and without having to deal with executives involved with conflicting business enterprises which inevitably takes the enjoyment and fun out of the game at the minor hockey level.


Having said that, I trust that your love for the game of hockey and the commitment you have to making hockey better for all young hockey players in Newfoundland will allow you to understand that this conflict of interest is negatively impacting the game of hockey in Newfoundland and has caused an enormous amount of distrust and resentment within HNL’s organization.


Again, it’s important to understand that HNL is an organization that is there for kids to have fun and enjoy the sport of hockey. It is not a playground for adults to take advantage of and to try and prosper and benefit financially through conflicting and questionable business practices.


I also ask that Mr Renney and Mr Mccurdie address this situation immediately and see to it that HNL’s 2016/17 season is not plagued with controversy so that players and parents can enroll knowing that they are all competing on a level playing field and not one of conflict.




Glenn Gumbley

CHLPA Founder