Strong team claims title.


Steers Insurance / Rodrigues Sedna / Coast 101.1 / Tiller Engineering, who finished in first place (13-3) in SuperLeague this year and were 6-3 winners in both of their round robin matchups with Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette this Season, played with consistent and cautious execution.

The men were unable to generate much offence, although they had a handful of high difficulty shots that narrowly missed their targets and that could have made a big difference in the outcome.

The women (Stephanie Korab, Jen Cunningham, Laura Strong, and Heather Strong) scored the only multiples of the game; deuces in the 1st and 6th ends.  

The first was set up by a pretty 3-foot roll by Laura Strong before her sister, Heather, drew the 4-foot circle with hammer.   In the 6th it was a messy end with lots of guards and rocks in the house; Keith Renouf (throwing last rocks for the men) with hammer made a short raise onto two frozen rocks at the top of the 8-foot circle and appeared to have made (with drag-effect) a double takeout in the 4-foot circle for 3 which would have tied the game 4-4.  

However the outcome surprised everyone, left a steal of 2, and the 6-1 deficit resulted in the men conceding defeat. 

 The only other chance Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette had to score more than a single was in the previous (5th) end, when Strong drew the 4-foot circle with hammer against 2 counters.  

Team Strong / Steers Insurance, as Champions, take home $925 for their SuperLeague Season, but they will wear the target on their backs both in SuperLeague next season and in the 2013 Provincial Scotties.  

The winnings for Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette totalled $725.