RYDERThe rumours persist that former Newfoundland NHL star Michael Ryder will be playing with the Clarenville Caribous after the Christmas break in the Central West Senior Hockey League.

Ryder had played last season with the New Jersey Devils and has not played this season.

The Bonavista Native has returned home.


HAPGGODIvan Hapgood is the General Manager of the Clarenville Caribous. He confirmed on NL HOCKEY TALK that Ryder has NOT made a decision yet.

Hapgood’s statement as he posted on NL Hockey Talk reads



“I can update you. Michael Ryder has been talked to, hasn’t said he would play, nor did he say he wouldn’t. Will let us know over Christmas if he is interested. He has been added to our league protected list as a territorial pick, but will not be registered with HNL unless he decided to play, and that registration takes about five minutes to complete.

No restrictions apply with regard to how long he must be away from pro hockey. Langer     ( Darren Langdon) played with Deer Lake during the NHL lockout season. Based on the attendance in all rinks the league right now I feel it would not only be great for us, but for all teams.”

So as of right now Ryder has NOT made a decision.