CURLING STONES 1Team Paul Harvey remains undefeated in the St John’s Curling Club Super League.

Paul Harvey’s team improved to 4-0 with a come from behind 7-4 win over Team Shelly Hardy scoring six in the last four ends.

Adam Boland the skip of Fun and Fast made a double takeout with his first stope and downed Andrew Taylor’s Carroll Investments team 6-04.

Heather Strong handed Mark Noseworthy his first loss with a 7-5 win

Andrew Symonds and his Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy team edges Trent Skanes and his McInnes Cooper foursome 3-2.

Colin Thomas downed Greg Blyde Junior Team 7-3  and Jeff Thomas and his A Harvey team downed Stacie Curtis 7-2.

The top four teams, and ties, make the Playoffs.   Twenty-four of the 66 round robin games are now completed.   The Standings, after all teams have played four games, are:

4 – 0 Team Paul Harvey

3 – 1 Team Mark Noseworthy

3 – 1 Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (skipped by Andrew Symonds)

3 – 1 A. Harvey (skipped by Jeff Thomas)

3 – 1 Team Colin Thomas

2 – 2    Team Heather Strong

2 – 2    Fun ‘N’ Fast (skipped by Adam Boland)

1 – 3    Greg Blyde Junior Team

1 – 3 Carroll Investments (skipped by Andrew Taylor)

1 – 3 McInnes Cooper (skipped by Trent Skanes)

1 – 3 Team Shelley Hardy

0 – 4    Team Stacie Curtis