Team A. Harvey          010  020  0x  =  3

    Rick Rowsell Men’s Team     201  003  1x  =  7


Rick Rowsell now skips the only team in the RE/MAX Centre SuperLeague without a loss this season.   They are now 4-0 and they won the 12-team Bally Haly Men’s CashSpiel (undefeated at 4-0) on the weekend; an impressive 8-game winning streak to start the season.   Their victim tonight was Team A. Harvey skipped by Rob Thomas with Geoff Cunningham throwing last rocks.   That is likely to be their alignment for a while as their skip is down following gall-bladder surgery with a twist (but is coming along well).   Team Rowsell broke out of a 3-3 tie after 5 ends with 3 in the 6th end and a game-ending steal in the 7th — when Cunningham’ only shot with hammer was a quadruple raise attempt that would have scored four points (he needed to nose two long guards and run them in on two of his own rocks at the top of the 4-foot circle to remove shot stone on the button).   It didn’t happen; final score 7-3.   This well-played game also had no stolen points until the last rock was thrown.



Carroll Investments                                      .   101  020  10  =  5

Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions      020  201  02  =  7


The Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions vs. Carroll Investments game went down to the last rock and had no stolen points “period”.   It was the thriller anticipated; tied after 3 ends, 5 ends, and 7 ends.   Skips Paul Harvey and Andrew Taylor had good command of draw weight all night, but it was two takeouts by Harvey (picks of opposing rocks partially buried) in the 8th end that put the “W” on the Standings Board.   While Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions put three deuces on the scoreboard compared to one for Carroll Investments, it was the pair in the 4th end that stood out; there was a scattering of guards but shot rock all end was just at the top of the 12-foot circle.   Taylor had trouble navigating ports to either remove shot stone or to get one closer to the button.   The final score was 7-5.



Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy    000  202  0x  =  4

Fun ‘N’ Fast      211  020  3x  =  9 


The “feature attraction” was up-staged by Fun ‘N’ Fast going out to a 4-0 lead after 3 ends.   A key rock was a freeze by third Mark Noseworthy that got Fun ‘N’ Fast out of a lot of trouble in the 2nd end.    When Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy got on the board with a pair making it 4-2 at the half, skip Andrew Symonds was uplifted by seeing his opponent (Jeff Thomas) with his last rock narrowly miss a tough double takeout to lie 5.   Symonds then drew for the deuce.   Thomas made a few dandies the rest of the way.   He picked out shot rock the next end with hammer for a pair by threading the needle on an inturn.   In the 7th end with hammer, Thomas made a double takeout for the only 3-count of the game (both teams had two deuces).   The final score was 9-4 in this final tune-up for Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy before they head to the National Travelers Championship as Team Newfoundland & Labrador (it is being played November 22 – 28 at the Hunt Golf and Country Club in Ottawa).   The win puts Fun ‘N’ Fast into a 2nd place tie in the Standings.



Team Labatt                                002  002  0x  =  4

John Sheppard Men’s Team*   110  110  3x  =  7



Seemingly encouraged by a gradual improvement in their game since the season started, Team Sheppard grinded into the win column with a 7-4 game decided by a 3-count in the 7th end; their second largest score of their 6 games this season.   It followed Team Labatt twice tieing the game with deuces (in the 3rd and 6th ends) and a fateful takeout attempt in the 7th end by skip Stacie Curtis that ticked a guard.   Team Sheppard then played a perfect 8th end to run the women out of rocks.



Colin Thomas Men’s Team   202  030  300  =  10 (extra end)

Team Strong     040  202  023  =  13


It was a wild game that caused some jaw-dropping inside the glass (after the other games finished), but that is what it took to give the defending champions their first loss of the RE/MAX SuperLeague season.   The biggest count was posted by Team Strong in the 2nd end; a 4-count that followed skip Colin Thomas with his last stone hitting the wrong spot in an attempted triple-takeout.   The Strong foursome led 6-4 at the half but then the Thomas foursome scored 3’s in two of the next 3 ends for a 10-8 lead.   The first of those came from a pretty quiet hit around cover by Thomas following a double takeout and roll by third Cory Schuh.   The second 3 resulted from Strong twice ticking guards down the same line as Thomas threw two ends previous.   In the extra end, Schuh plugged on an attempt to peel a guard and ran it onto his shot stone where it rolled behind cover for what would be the eventual shot rock.   With hammer, Thomas could only see narrow ports through a scattering of guards, and his attempt to smash his shooter through several stones a foot in front of the rings hit too much of the target stone.   It goes into the books as a 13-10 win; a game with no singles, no blank ends, and no stolen points until the last rock was thrown.   (The defending champions, with the same colour stones on the same ice last week, posted an 8-0 shutout.)



STANDINGS (and W or L streak) after 35 of 91 GAMES:


4 – 0     4W    Rick Rowsell Men’s Team

4 – 1     2W    Jeff Thomas (Fun ‘N’ Fast)

4 – 1     4W    Adam Boland (Olson Curling Supplies)


3 – 1     1L     Colin Thomas Men’s Team

3 – 2     2W    Trent Skanes (McInnes Cooper)

2 – 2     2W    Paul Harvey (Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions)


3 – 3     2L    Andrew Symonds (Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy)

3 – 3     2L    Andrew Taylor (Carroll Investments)

3 – 3     1L    Rob Thomas (Team A. Harvey)


2 – 3     2L     Stacie Curtis (Team Labatt)

2 – 3     1W    Team Strong


1 – 4     4L     Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

1 – 5     1W    John Sheppard Men’s Team

0 – 4     4L     Stephen Trickett (Stavanger Dental)