CURLING STONES 1The St. John’s Super Curling League resumes play on Wednesday night.

Its the first games that Team Symonds will be playing since winning the Travelers championship last weekend.



Colin Thomas Men’s Team vs. Carroll Investments


These teams did not pick up big dollars on the weekend in the Centennial Cash Spiel at the RE/MAX Centre.   Each hopes to right their sputtering ships with a decisive victory, which Thomas as defending champion will need to stay alone in 2nd place in the Standings (or move up should Rowsell falter).   Carroll Investments has lost 3 straight Super League games and a win would renew their early-season promise for playoff contention.


Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy vs. Shelley Nichols Women’s Team


“CONGRATULATIONS” are due here even before a rock is thrown.   The unique circumstances for this game warrant selection as the feature attraction …… circumstances that probably have never occurred before in the curling world!!!    The Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy foursome, curling as Team Newfoundland and Labrador, won a “National” (the Travelers National Championship) in Ottawa on the weekend.   Back home, the skip of the opposing team (Shelley Nichols) was married on the weekend.   Both teams will want a powerful game to show that possible distractions from their “big day” (and the inevitable celebrating with family and friends) has not affected their concentration on the game.



Stavanger Dental vs. Olson Curling Supplies


Currently tied for 3rd place, the Adam Boland skipped Olson Curling Supplies is the last remaining “upstart” young team remaining in the top-six.   They will need a win over Stavanger Dental who got their first Super League win last week but has shown moments of brilliance in recent cash spiels.   Anything is possible, the game could go down to the last rock, or it could be a blow-out.



Rick Rowsell Men’s Team vs. Team Strong 


Team Rowsell took the weekend off from competitive curling (choosing not to enter the Centennial CashSpiel) citing the Santa Claus Parade (they all have young families).   Team Strong was 3-3 in the Centennial CashSpiel, good for Consolation Section money.   Should Rowsell falter, they will have no worse than a share of first place, but will lose their “undefeated” record and another team is poised to take over their leading 10-game season winning streak.



Fun ‘N’ Fast vs. McInnes Cooper


With a $2,800 payday Sunday (capturing the Centennial Cash Spiel Championship with a 7-0 record), the McInnes Cooper foursome jumped even with Team Rowsell with a 9-game season winning streak (albeit not “undefeated”).   And who should they be playing but the same Fun ‘N’ Fast team that they defeated in the Centennial CashSpiel Championship Game (on the same ice)!   With skip Jeff Thomas traveling with the Brad Gushue Team to the Canada Cup as their Coach, the edge again this time goes to McInnes Cooper.   Still, Mark Noseworthy as skip and Lorne Henderson as third are well capable of carrying the day.



Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions vs. John Sheppard Men’s Team


Both these teams won Section A dollars in the Centennial CashSpiel, losing the semi-finals.   Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions has a 3-game SuperLeague winning streak; with a win, they could possibly jump into a playoff position in the Standings.   John Sheppard Men’s Team is in 14th place.   With Sheppard in sick bay and Matthew Hunt handling all the skipping duties, they put a good fright into all the eight teams they played on the weekend (fighting through tie-breakers).. they looked good not just in their 5 victories but also in their dramatic losses.


STANDINGS (and W or L streak) after 41 of 91 GAMES:


5 – 0     5W    Rick Rowsell Men’s Team

4 – 1     1W    Colin Thomas Men’s Team

4 – 2     1L     Jeff Thomas (Fun ‘N’ Fast)

4 – 2     1L     Adam Boland (Olson Curling Supplies)


3 – 2     2W    Trent Skanes (McInnes Cooper)

3 – 2     3W    Paul Harvey (Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions)

3 – 3     2L     Andrew Symonds (Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy)

3 – 3     1W    Stacie Curtis (Team Labatt)

3 – 3     2W    Team Strong


3 – 4     3L     Andrew Taylor (Carroll Investments)

3 – 4     2L     Rob Thomas (Team A. Harvey)


1 – 4     1W    Stephen Trickett (Stavanger Dental)

1 – 5     5L     Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

1 – 6     1L     John Sheppard Men’s Team