Team Kelli Turpin (with Michelle Jewer skipping) stole a single in the 3rd end against defending SuperLeague Champion (Team Mark Noseworthy) making the score 2-2, but from that point it was all down hill for the women.   Taking the wind out of their sails was a pretty angle raise takeout for a pair by Noseworthy with his hammer in the 4th end.   The men filled the house with rocks in the 5th end but Jewer had some rocks in front of the circles that could be raised (until Noseworthy put up a perfect guard with his last stone).   Jewer’s hammer was a wide outturn draw and it went deep giving up a 5-count.   The final score was 9-2.

Team Paul Harvey was knocked out of second place in the Standings by a 5-4 loss to Pepsi (skipped by Rick Rowsell).   Harvey scored the first two points and the last two points in the game that went down to the last rock.   In between, Pepsi managed to steal deuces in the 4th and 5th ends.   Rowsell strategically blanked the 7th end to keep hammer “going home” leading 5-3.   Rowsell needed that hammer to chip out one of two partially buried counters by hitting what he could see.   The loss moved Team Paul Harvey to 5-2, still good for sole possession of third place.   Pepsi boosted their record to 3-2, just one win short of being tied in a playoff position.

Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy skip Andrew Symonds had to draw a port for a narrow victory over last place Team Nathan Young (the “youngest” team by far in this RE/MAX SuperLeague with an average age under 15).   After stealing singles in the first two ends, Young rubbed a guard and went down 3-2 in the 3rd end.   After trading pairs and singles the next 4 ends, Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy held hammer throughout a messy final end.   With the score 6-5, the final offering by Symonds, an in turn draw through a port, was an adventure.   It was swept hard as it threatened to crash an opposing counter at the top of the 4-foot circle which it ended up gently rubbing before coming to a stop (barely) in the back of 4-foot for a 7-5 win (avoiding an extra end by the narrowest of margins).   The Symonds foursome is also now at 3-2, just one win short of being tied in a playoff position.

The game between Team A. Harvey (skipped by Glenn Goss) and In the Box Media Promotions / Narrows 61 (skipped by Stacie Curtis) went down to the last rock.   Although the men scored 5 singles, the women prevailed on the strength of a pair in the second end and a 3-count in the 5th when Curtis drew through a port taking the lead 5-3.   In the 6th end, Goss perfectly executed a hit against 4 counters in the 4-foot circle; and in the 7th Curtis got back that point with a hit against a pair setting the scene for the final end.   With hammer, Goss had to make an in turn draw to the 4-foot circle (the same shot he made with his first stone) to send the game to an extra end, but his offering curled sharply just outside the hog line and crashed a guard.   The final score was In the Box Media Promotions / Narrows 61 6 and Team A. Harvey 5.


The first place (skipped by Colin Thomas) scored the only deuce of the game (in the 3rd end) on route to a 4-2 victory over Team Heather Strong.   A highlight for the women was an in-off by Strong against two counters with her last stone in the 2nd end (a steal to open the scoring).   Despite the low scoring, both teams made a number of freezes and premium hit and rolls but managed to blast out of trouble with big-weight hits. is comfortable at 7-0 with half of their schedule now completed.   Team Heather Strong is the only team at 3-3 losses and they are chasing the four teams with two losses for a playoff position.

Second place Team Adam Boland at 5-1 were given a good test by ASHAM (skipped by Greg Smith).   Both teams had a pair of deuces over the first 8 ends which concluded at 6-6 (Smith forced an extra end with a hard-fought pair; he had to make both of his rocks count).   Smith also had an interesting decision to make in the 7th end — with four rocks around the button, he threw away his hammer in fear that he could only make the situation worse (the Boland foursome stole a single to go up 6-4).   In the extra end, Smith with his last stone came narrowly around a guard and executed a raise takeout in the rings, but his rock squeezed into the open and Boland made no mistake with an outturn hit for a pair and an 8-6 win.

Standings (with 46 of 105 games now played):

7 – 0 (skipped by Colin Thomas)

5 – 1    Team Adam Boland

5 – 2     Team Paul Harvey

4 – 2     In the Box Media Promotions / Narrows 61 (skipped by Stacie Curtis)

3 – 2    Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy (skipped by Andrew Symonds)

3 – 2    Pepsi (skipped by Rick Rowsell)

3 – 3     Team Heather Strong

3 – 4     ASHAM (skipped by Greg Smith)

2 – 3    Coastal Chiropractic (skipped by Matthew Smith)

3 – 5     McInnes Cooper / Power Conditioning Inc. (skipped by Trent Skanes)

2 – 4    Ches’s Fish & Chips (skipped by Greg Blyde)

2 – 4    Team Mark Noseworthy

2 – 4     Team Kelli Turpin

2 – 4    Team A. Harvey (skipped by Glenn Goss)

0 – 6     Team Nathan Young