Curling Stone

The only two teams without a defeat stand tied for first place in RE/MAX SuperLeague even though they both have just one victory and they got there tonight by different routes.   Rick Rowsell Men’s Team had the bye and the defending champion Colin Thomas Men’s Team finally played their first game (a decisive win over the 2-0 Fun ‘N’ Fast Team skipped by Colin’s Father).    Olson Curling Supplies (skipped by Adam Boland) was the other team with the bye in Draw #4.



Team A. Harvey                              .   201  100  11  =  6

Shelley Nichols Women’s Team       010  011  00  =  3


Team A. Harvey has two wins this season; both against women’s teams.   Despite getting out to a 2-0 lead in the first end, the men did not have an easy time of it.   Skip Shelley Nichols made several game saving rocks and was counting 5 at one point in the last end.   Down 5-3 with hammer, Nichols ended up narrowly missing an angle raise for two (and a tie / extra end) or possibly 3 (and a win).   The 6-3 win moved A. Harvey into a 5-way tie for the 4th and final playoff position at 2-1.


Team Labatt.     220  102  1x  =  8

Team Strong   002  030  0x  =  5


These two teams are destined to play each other in the Provincial Scotties Championship which will be held at the RE/MAX Centre in January.   Team Labatt got out to a 4-0 lead after two ends and earned the confidence boost despite giving up 3 in the 5th end (which tied the score 5-5).   The winners, with skip Stacie Curtis playing her first Super League game this season, countered with their third deuce of the game in the 6th end and stole a single in the 7th end for an 8-5 victory when skip Heather Strong was a little heavy on a delicate tap in the 4-foot circle.


Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions   011  111  0x  =  5

Stavanger Dental     200  000  1x  =  3



Stavanger Dental stole a pair in the opening end; however Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions with Paul Harvey skipping came back with 5 consecutive singles to earn their first win of the SuperLeague season.   Difficulty with draw weight had Stavanger Dental skip, Stephen Trickett, singing the blues (yellow stones have defeated blue stones in 12 of the first 19 SuperLeague games this season).



Carroll Investments.            110  130  3x  =  9

John Sheppard Men’s Team   004  001  0x  =  5


The John Sheppard foursome scored 4 in the 3rd end and put a fright into the Carroll Investments team which was tied in 3rd place at 2-1.   But 3’s in the 5th and 7th ends of a 9-5 win by the Andrew Taylor skipped upstarts has them now alone in 3rd place at 3-1; clearly the biggest pleasant surprise of the early RE/MAX SuperLeague season.   The first of those 3’s was a steal when Team Sheppard faced a couple burried stones from early in the end and Sheppard’s hammer crashed on a takeout attempt.


McInnes Cooper                                   100  110  0x  =  3

Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy        030  001  1x  =  5



Both these teams, clear contenders for the championship, were 1-1.   Both are likely to make the playoffs.   They played cautiously with each other tonight with all the scoring coming as singles …. except for one end.   Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy registered a pivotal 3 in the 2nd end and, from that point, they were never behind.   McInnes Cooper stole a single in the 5th end to tie the score 3-3 when skip Trent Skanes made a nice come-around draw with his last stone and opposing skip, Andrew Symonds, crashed a guard with his hammer.   Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy got the steal back in the 7th end (when Skanes crashed a guard on a delicate tap for 2 attempt) making the final score 5-3 and putting them in the 5-way tie for the 4th and final playoff position at 2-1.



Fun ‘N’ Fast                              200  000  x  =  2

Colin Thomas Men’s Team       021  211  x  =  7


The feature game was not the crowd-pleaser expected; the 5-point margin of victory for the Defending Champions was the widest winning margin of the night.   Still it was fun to watch as Colin Thomas took his foursome up against Fun ‘N’ Fast who was in first place at 2-0 and is skipped by Colin’s Father, Jeff Thomas.   The elder Thomas scored 2 with hammer in the opening end, but there were no bright moments the rest of the way.   The younger generation put up 7 consecutive points on the board with an important point coming in the 3rd end.   The Colin Thomas foursome froze their last stone onto the button good enough to take the lead for the remainder of the game.   The loss dropped Fun ‘N’ Fast out of first place and into the 5-way tie for the 4th and final playoff position at 2-1.





3 – 1      Carroll Investments


1 – 0      Colin Thomas Men’s Team

1 – 0      Rick Rowsell Men’s Team


2 – 1      Olson Curling Supplies

2 – 1     Fun ‘N’ Fast

2 – 1      Team Labatt

2 – 1     Team A. Harvey

2 – 1     Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy


1 – 2      Team Strong (sponsored by Asham Curling Supplies)

1 – 2      Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

1 – 2      McInnes Cooper

1 – 2      Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions


0 – 2      Stavanger Dental

0 – 3      John Sheppard Men’s Team


The next draw in Super League will be next Wednesday at 8:30.   The RE/MAX Centre is open to the public during Super League contests