Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs are the 2015 St. John’s senior men’s fast pitch softball champions. They defeated NTV Hitmen 3-2 in game seven of that final series.

This was the 16th senior men’s championship decided by a seventh and deciding game.

The first seventh and deciding game in the senior league history happened in 1964 as the Jays defeated the Comets in seven games.

The only team to come back in league history down three games to one and win the series was Greensleeves in 1996 when they completed the comeback against Labatt Blues.


Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs Pitching Stats:
WP: Sean Cleary 7IP, 2R, 5H, 6BB, 13K

Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs Top Batters:
Daniel Dalton 2-3, R
Liam Myers 2-3
Mark Lewis 1-3, R, 2R Home Run, 2RBI
Jon Kelly 1-3, R
Blair Ezekiel 1-3
Stephen Strapp 1-3
Shane Boland 1-4, RBI

Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs RUNS:
2R 1st: With 2-Out: Jon Kelly reached on an infield hit and Mark Lewis hit a 2R Home Run to right-field.

1R 7th: With 1-Out: Daniel Dalton singled to centerfield and With 2-Out: Liam Myers singled to centerfield, Dalton advanced to third base on the play and Shane Boland singled to left-field to score Dalton with the series clinching run.

Members of the Kelly’s Pub Molson Bulldogs Championship Team
Shane Boland, Gary Bruce, Sean Cleary, Lucas Conway, Daniel Dalton, Blair Ezekiel, Jon Kelly, DJ Lake, Mark Lewis, Liam Myers, Scott Myers, Mark Stack, Stephen Strapp, Andrew Wade, Gerald Wall and Jim Dunphy-Coach.

NTV Hitmen Pitching Stats:
LP: Robbie Greene 6.2IP, 3R, 9H, 0BB, 9K

NTV Hitmen Top Batters:
Brad Ezekiel 2-3, BB
Sheldon Keough 1-2, R, 2R Home Run, BB, 2RBI
Danny Mullins 1-3, Triple
Jeremy O’Reilly 1-3, BB

NTV Hitmen RUNS:
2R 4th: Robbie Greene led-off the inning with a walk and Sheldon Keough hit a 2R Home Run to right-field.



Molson St. John’s Senior Men’s Fastpitch League

2015 Senior League Statistical Award Winners

Top Batter
Jon Kelly (KPMB) 30-68 .441BA


Home Runs
Jon Kelly (KPMB) 6
Kyle Ezekiel (TDAD) 6


Runs Batted In
Jon Kelly (KPMB) 23


Robbie Greene (NTVH) 9 Wins (9-6 Record)


Robbie Greene (NTVH) 134K


Earned Run Average
Sean Cleary (KPMB) 1.48ERA (11ER–52.1IP–1.48ERA)


2015 Senior League Individual Award Winners

Most Valuable Player
Jon Kelly (KPMB)
23GP, 30-68 .441BA, 14R, 13D, 6HR, 10BB, 23RBI, 944FP, 512OBP, 897SLG
Captured The Triple Crown of Batting In 2015, His 4th Triple Crown of Batting In The Last 8-Seasons.


Comeback Player of the Year
Gary Bruce (KPMB)
2014: 18GP, 5-43 .119BA, 3R, 1HR, 5BB, 3RBI, 1.000FP, 208OBP, 190SLG
2015: 20GP, 15-56 .268BA, 5R, 2D, 1HR, 6BB, 12RBI, 990FP, 333OBP, 357SLG


Rookie of the Year
Nick Pittman (KPJC)
17GP, 15-49 .306BA, 8R, 3D, 2T, 2HR, 1SB, 7BB, 7RBI, 971FP, 393OBP, 571SLG


Golden Glove
Doug Marshall (TDAD)
18GP, 42PO-17A-1E .983FP (59-60)


Sportsmanship & Ability
Kyle Ezekiel (TDAD)
17GP, 19-47 .404BA, 18R, 3D, 6HR, 3SB, 11BB, 16RBI, 941FP, 508OBP, 851SLG


2015 Senior League All-Star (League) Team Selections

Catcher: Craig Edmunds (TB)
17GP, 15-47 .319BA, 12R, 1D, 3HR, 13BB, 12RBI, 993FP, 468OBP, 532SLG

Pitcher: Robbie Greene (NTVH)
9-6, 103.1IP, 3.87ERA, 134K, 1SHO
17GP, 15-53 .283BA, 10R, 2D, 5HR, 7BB, 11RBI, 955FP, 361OBP, 604SLG

Infield: Doug Marshall (TDAD)
18GP, 22-57 .386BA, 15R, 2D, 1T, 2HR, 3BB, 14RBI, 983FP, 391OBP, 561SLG

Infield: Shane Boland (KPMB)
16GP, 17-45 .378BA, 11R, 3D, 1HR, 8BB, 6RBI, 914FP, 472OBP, 511SLG

Infield: Daniel Dalton (KPMB)
22GP, 25-67 .373BA, 23R, 4D, 2T, 3HR, 8BB, 16RBI, 953FP, 438OBP, 627SLG

Infield: Geoff Evely (TB)
16GP, 16-43 .372BA, 17R, 4D, 1T, 1HR, 17BB, 12RBI, 1.000FP, 541OBP, 581SLG

Outfield: Jon Kelly (KPMB)
23GP, 30-68 .441BA, 14R, 13D, 6HR, 10BB, 23RBI, 944FP, 513OBP, 897SLG

Outfield: Kyle Ezekiel (TDAD)
17GP, 19-47 .404BA, 18R, 3D, 6HR, 11BB, 16RBI, 941FP, 508OBP, 851SLG

Outfield: Danny Mullins (NTVH)
23GP, 25-80 .313BA, 24R, 6D, 1T, 3HR, 9BB, 11RBI, 963FP, 382OBP, 525SLG


2015 Senior League Playoff Awards

Most Valuable Player
Sean Cleary (KPMB)
Pitching: 5-4, 58.1IP, 28ER, 3.37ERA, 103K
Batting: 9-30 .300BA, 8R, 2D, 5HR, 5BB, 10RBI

Top Batter
Brad Ezekiel (NTVH)
19-31 .613BA

Brad Ezekiel Set Record For Highest Batting Average Previously Set Held By Dave Boland.
Brad Ezekiel Tied Record For Hits In Playoffs With Don Roche.