Colin Thomas moved back into a first place tie with Rick Rowsell in the St Johns Super Curling League last night with a 6-3 win over Stavanger Dental.

Stavanger Dental                     000  120  0x   3

Colin Thomas Men’s Team  101  001  3x   6


Team Colin Thomas needed a break in the 7th end to avoid a loss to a stubborn junior team, Stavanger Dental.   The 7-5 win draws the Thomas foursome into a first place tie at 6-1 with idle Team Rowsell for first place.   Stavanger Dental should not expect to win over a proven front-runner (the defending RE/MAX Super League Champion) by scoring just 3 points; however they were tied, with hammer, after 6 ends.   Unfortunately, skip Stephen Trickett threw that hammer long in the 7th end, giving up a decisive steal of 3 and making the final score 6-3.



Team Labatt             200  102  00   5

 McInnes Cooper    002  030  11   7


McInnes Cooper moved into third place at 5-2 with a last-rock 7-5 win over Team Labatt in a case of a women’s team,Team Labatt, in their prime taking on a men’s team in their prime.   (Curling is a sport where parity between the genders is not quite there, but is close.)   Both teams counted two.But the decisive stone was thrown by skip Trent Skanes in the 7th end, when he used hammer to draw against 3 counters to take a 6-5 lead.   McInnes Cooper added a stolen point in the final end when Stacie Curtis was unable to get her last stone into scoring position.



Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy      001  011  01   4

Team Strong                                                      000  100  10   2
Is this another battle of the genders with the men winning a last-rock victory.   Both these teams have represented the Province nationally in the last 10 months.   Stolen singles in the 3rd and 6th ends had Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy leading 3-1 with 2 ends remaining.   Team Strong, who has managed lots of offence this season, could only manage a single the rest of the way, but Andrew Symonds had to draw the 4-foot circle with hammer in the 8th end to avoid going an extra end.   The win puts Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy into a tie for 6th place at 5-3; Team Strong slips to 4-5 and will need to win-out to hope for a tie-breaker.



John Sheppard Men’s Team  020  301  00   6

Team A. Harvey                           101  010  11   5


This was a battle of two struggling teams that were on 3-game losing streaks.   You can consider Team A. Harvey to be a “giant” in the game despite their 3-5 record; their resume discloses twenty-six (26) provincial championships on their roster!!!   Only one of the other teams in Super League — with 32 nationals among 5 players — has more.)   However, the John Sheppard Men’s Team proved to be a “giant-killer” with yet another last-rock victory and despite scoring in just 3 ends.   Scoring multiples is often the key to victory, and the now 2-8 John Sheppard Men’s Team had a couple last night.   They took a 6-4 lead into the 8th end, and Matthew Hunt (who throws last rocks for the squad) drew the 4-foot circle with hammer to hold Team A. Harvey to a single and post a 6-5 victory.





6 – 1         Rick Rowsell Men’s Team

6 – 1       Colin Thomas Men’s Team

5 – 2       Trent Skanes (McInnes Cooper)


4 – 2       Jeff Thomas (Fun ‘N’ Fast)

4 – 2      Paul Harvey (Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions)

5 – 3      Adam Boland (Olson Curling Supplies)

5 – 3       Andrew Symonds (Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy)


4 – 5      Team Strong

3 – 5       Stacie Curtis (Team Labatt)

3 – 5       Stephen Trickett (Stavanger Dental)


3 – 6        Geoff Cunningham (Team A. Harvey)

3 – 6        Andrew Taylor (Carroll Investments)

2 – 6        Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

2 – 8      John Sheppard Men’s Team