CURLING STONES 1The St. John’s Super League curling results. The League now takes a Christmas Break.





John Sheppard Men’s Team    011  010  x  =  3

Fun ‘N’ Fast                               100  403  x  =  8


There was no upset here as the John Sheppard Men’s Team failed to score a multiple and were a victim of a couple of big ends at the hands of third place Fun ‘N’ Fast.   Holding a 2-1 lead, Sheppard gave up a 4-count in the 4th end and the most experienced team in RE/MAX SuperLeague this season was off to the races.   Fun  ‘N’ Fast scored 3 the next time they got last rock back (in the 6th end), making the final score 8-3.   The 5-2 Fun ‘N’ Fast now has a League leading 5-game winning streak and plays Team A. Harvey, who has a 5-game losing streak, in their next game.



Rick Rowsell Men’s Team  202  002  2x  =  8

McInnes Cooper                  010  110  0x  =  3


With the 6-1 Colin Thomas Men’s Team idle this Draw, tonight’s win by Rick Rowsell Men’s Team moved them into sole possession of first place at 7-1.   It was a costly loss for McInnes Cooper, who slipped to 6th place in the Standings at 5-3.   The Rowsell foursome brought a strong hitting game to the Club and converted on four deuces; the first 3 were with hammer and the 4th, in the 7th end, clinched the 8-3 win.   The prettiest shot of the game was a cross-the-house double takeout by Rick Rowsell in the 4th end which kept McInnes Cooper from scoring a pair.   They could just manage 3 singles, but the last was a steal in the 5th end cutting the lead to 4-3 and adding excitement to the feature attraction.



Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy     302  002  001  =  8

Carroll Investments                                     020  120  110  =  7   extra end


Carroll Investments fought back twice against the National Travellers Champions to tie the score despite being on a 5-game losing streak.   Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy opened leads of 5-2 after 3 ends and 7-5 after the 6th end.   In the 8th end, Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy led 7-6 with hammer but faced serious trouble.   Skip Andrew Symonds had little chance to get shot rock and chose to remove second shot and go to an extra end.   A double takeout and a peel by third Mark Healy on his two rocks prevented the kind of trouble that they faced in the previous end and shifted momentum.   Andrew Taylor, who played the game short a sweeper, was a metre long on a tap attempt with his last stone, and Symonds did not have to throw his last one to get an 8-7 victory moving his team (6-3) into 5th place (percentage points out of a playoff position).



Shelley Hardy Women’s Team                               110  100  x  =  3

Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions       002  041  x  =  7


With steals in the first two ends and a 3-2 lead at the half, the women put a fright into third place Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions.    The Shelley Hardy Women’s Team deserved a better fate in the 2nd end when opposing skip Paul Harvey made a triple takeout on a quadruple takeout attempt with his first stone.   A big 4-count by the men in the 5th end gave them control at 6-3 and ended up being the decisive blow in a 7-3 victory.   Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions now has won 5 consecutive games for the League lead in that department.



Team Strong                   052  0x  =  7

Team A. Harvey             100  2x  =  3
The men owned the first end and, led by a perfect freeze to the button by substitute Bob Osborne, had the women in much difficulty.   However the raise takeouts they were attempting served them well as the game moved along.   In the second end, Team Strong scored 5 after skip Geoff Cunningham raised in an opposing stone with his last rock and opposing skip Heather Strong had a short raise for the 5-count and a commanding early lead.   In the 3rd end Team A. Harvey gave up a couple more when Cunningham’s hammer, drawing against four, chipped a stone at the top of the 12-foot circle.   With the score 7-3 playing the 5th end, Strong executed the angle raise takeout they were trying in the first end (to lie 3) and the men conceded before the last stone was played looking at another multiple score.   While Strong (5-5) has a mathmatical chance at a tie-breaker game, her team’s 2014 and 2015 Scotties coach has been eliminated from playoff contention.



Olson Curling Supplies             102  021  00  =  6

Team Labatt                                  020  200  12  =  7


Team Labatt shocked the 5-3 Olson Curling Supplies by stealing two in the final end for a 7-6 victory.   The women managed to win two of their three matchs on the night.   Skip Adam Boland with hammer in the first end made an important hit against 3 counters.   The teams then traded deuces for the next 4 ends, and the men led 6-4 after a steal in the 6th end when hammer by opposing skip Stacie Curtis was overswept by a couple centimetres.   Curtis had to hit against 3 for a single in the 7th end and her last rock in the 8th end was perfectly placed at the top of the 4-foot circle.   Boland, facing 3 rocks biting the 4-foot, chose to hit the rock on the left with his outturn.   A nose hit may have resulted in an extra end, but a small roll to the centre would register the “W”.   His team swept hard all the way and his stone rolled slightly away from the centre.   It was a costly loss for Olson Curling Supplies who have slipped into 7th place in the Standings.



STANDINGS (and W or L streak) after 61 of 91 GAMES:


7 – 1          Rick Rowsell Men’s Team

6 – 1        Colin Thomas Men’s Team


5 – 2        Jeff Thomas (Fun ‘N’ Fast)

5 – 2      Paul Harvey (Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions)

6 – 3       Andrew Symonds (Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy)

5 – 3      Trent Skanes (McInnes Cooper)


5 – 4      Adam Boland (Olson Curling Supplies)

5 – 5     Team Strong

4 – 5      Stacie Curtis (Team Labatt)

3 – 5      Stephen Trickett (Stavanger Dental)


3 – 7       Geoff Cunningham (Team A. Harvey)

3 – 7       Andrew Taylor (Carroll Investments)

2 – 7       Shelley Hardy Women’s Team

2 – 9      John Sheppard Men’s Team