Olson Curling Supplies.                    010  040  1x  =  6

Shelley Nichols Women’s Team     001  201  0x  =  4


With a 6-4 come-from-behind victory on the strength of a 4-count in the 5th end, Olson Curling Supplies became the first team in RE/MAX SuperLeague this year to register 4 wins.   At the time of the pivotal end, the Shelley Nichols Women’s Team was deserving of their 3-1 lead.   In the 2nd end the women were in big trouble throughout, but a precise roll on a hit by skip Shelley Nichols limited the damage to a single.   In the 4th end Nichols stole a pair by forcing Olson Curling Supplies skip Adam Boland to crash on a guard with his hammer giving up a steal of two.   However, Boland maintained composure and registered the decisive 4-count on a raise takeout.   The 4-1 record of Olson Curling Supplies is good for 3rd place in the Standings; the fine showing by this young team in RE/MAX SuperLeague continues.



McInnes Cooper                       102  010  1x  =  5

John Sheppard Men’s Team   010  001  0x  =  2


For the first time this season, McInnes Cooper has registered two consecutive victories, and did so at the expense of the John Sheppard Men’s Team.   McInnes Cooper with the win moved to 3-2 which puts them into the 4-way tie for 5th place in the Standings (they are all knocking on the door for the playoffs which will involve just the teams with the top four records).   The well-played contest had just one stolen point (in the 5th end when Sheppard missed a high-difficulty run-back making the score 4-1).   The next end Sheppard made a pretty draw with hammer against 3 counters.   In the 7th end McInnes Cooper was in trouble throughout, but skip Trent Skanes with hammer threw a nice angle-raise takeout for the shot-of-the-night and a 5-2 victory …. the John Sheppard foursome was run out of rocks in the 8th end.



Stavanger Dental  200  010  x  =    3

Team A. Harvey    041  203  x  =  10


Things looked good after the first end for winless Stavanger Dental; their skip, Stephen Trickett twice drew the button for a pair.   Then Trickett’s draw weight “went south” and Team A. Harvey, with Cathy Cunningham filling in for Glenn Goss and husband Geoff Cunningham skipping, registered a quick 10 points.   They scored a four, a three, a two, and a one; Trickett is a good baseball pitcher and he probably lost sleep last night for giving up what would probably be called a “curling cycle”.   The 3-2 record for Team A. Harvey puts them into the 4-way tie for 5th place in the Standings.



Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy    000  10x  =  1

. Rick Rowsell Men’s Team                   112  00x  =  4


The feature game featured an anaemic offence by Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy, or was the first place Rick Rowsell foursome just too powerful?   Rowsell got out to a 4-0 lead after 3 ends with steals in the 2nd and 3rd ends.   On the first steal, after a nice freeze by Rowsell, skip Andrew Symonds was a little heavy in a tempting tap to squeeze out the shot rock for two, and Symonds was heavy in a draw against 3 in the 3rd end.   After a single and a blank, Rowsell was looking at a draw with hammer for 4 more points that would have made it an 8-1 game when Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy conceded what goes into the books as a 4-1 victory.   Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy, who has won the Provincial Travelers (Club Level) Championship and is headed to the National Travelers Championship November 22- 28; a relatively new Curling Canada National Event, has Fun ‘N’ Fast next week in their final tune-up before departure.



Colin Thomas Men’s Team               222 2x  =  8

Team Labatt                                        000 0x  =  0


The defending champions scored a deuce in each of the first 4 ends, but the women deserved a better fate than a shutout.   In the first end, both teams executed several nice hit-and-rolls, Colin Thomas making the last pretty shot with hammer.   In the 2nd end all the play was around the button and skip Stacie Curtis was light on a tough draw with hammer.   The men kept pressure on the opposition and continued to steal points; Curtis was heavy on draws in the 3rd and 4th ends leading to the handshakes.   The 3-0 record enabled Team Thomas to hold on to its tie for first place in the Standings.



STANDINGS (+ W/L Streak) after 30 GAMES:


3 – 0     3W    Colin Thomas Men’s Team

3 – 0     3W    Rick Rowsell Men’s Team


4 – 1     4W    Adam Boland (Olson Curling Supplies)

3 – 1     1W    Jeff Thomas (Fun ‘N’ Fast)


3 – 2     1L    Andrew Symonds (Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy)

3 – 2     1L    Andrew Taylor (Carroll Investments)

3 – 2     1W    Glenn Goss (Team A. Harvey)

3 – 2     2W    Trent Skanes (McInnes Cooper)


2 – 2     1L     Stacie Curtis (Team Labatt)

1 – 2     1W    Paul Harvey (Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions)

1 – 3     2L    Team Strong


1 – 4     4L    Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

0 – 4     4L    Stephen Trickett (Stavanger Dental)

0 – 5     5L    John Sheppard Men’s Team