helley Nichols Women’s Team .                                       102  020   20  =   7

Team Strong (sponsored by Asham Curling Supplies)   020  402  02  =  10



With 17 points, this was a high-scoring game, but both teams had nice rocks thrown throughout their lineups and both had to fight for every point.   There were no stolen points.   The big end, a 4 by Team Strong in the 4th end to open up a 6-3 lead, came from an open outturn hit + a measure for the 4th point.   In the final end with hammer, Heather Strong made the called shot; she had to make a left-handed inturn hit on what she could see behind a 10-foot centre-guard and avoid jamming onto her two counters at the left side of the 4-foot circle (which would have forced an extra end).   The line call and sweeping contributed to the perfect execution.



Olson Curling Supplies                           110  202  0x  =  6

Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy     001  010  1x  =  3



The more experienced Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy could not muster more than 3 singles against one of the young teams with hot hands in SuperLeague this season.   Skip, Adam Boland, took control with draws for deuces in the 4th and 6th ends, and ran the prenial playoff bound Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy out of stones in the final end.   The final score was 6-3; another feather in the caps of the Olson Curling Supplies foursome, which pulled into a two-way tie for 3rd place in the Standings.



Team Labatt.                200  110  02  =  6

Carroll Investments    021  001  10  =  5



The young Carroll Investments Team played tough and dropped a close one; they remain the pleasant suprise of the early-season and should be pleased to be in a two-way tie for 3rd place in the Standings.   Team Labatt burst their bubble led by a nice feel for draw weight by Erin Porter who threw the skip’s rocks for Stacie Curtis.   Porter, facing lapped guards, was forced to draw the button against 3 counters to tie the game 3-3 at the half.      In the final end, down 5-4, Porter sank her first shot behind a 5-metre guard that Carroll Investments chose to leave in play.   Andrew Taylor, the skip for Carroll Investments, left his freeze attempt a foot short of shot rock, and Porter drew the full 4-foot with hammer for a pair and the win.



Team A. Harvey  201  010  0x  =  4

Fun ‘N’ Fast           020  300  3x  =  8



In the feature attraction between two experienced teams that started their season with wins, Fun ‘N’ Fast came out on top 8-4 on the strength of scoring two 3-enders.   In the 4th end, down 3-2, Fun ‘N’ Fast skip, Jeff Thomas, executed a routine draw for 3 to go ahead to stay.   Three ends later, after a blank end, Thomas used hammer for the second 3-count; this one from an angle-raise takeout on stones in the 4-foot circle.   It may not have been necessary for the victory, but that kind of game-breaking shot is valued by all curlers as a great confidence builder.   The win put Fun ‘N’ Fast alone in first place with a 2-0 record.



McInnes Cooper vs.                                           041  001  01  =  7

Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions      100  010  20  =  4



McInnes Cooper put pressure on their opposition by putting a lot of rocks into the rings; Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions skip, Paul Harvey, will probably be seeing yellow stones in his sleep tonight.   McInnes Cooper skip, Trent Skanes (the 2013 Bally Haly SuperLeague Champion), had Harvey hitting against 2 counters with hammer in the first end, hitting against 4 counters with his last rock in the decisive 2nd end, and down 5-1 playing the 4th end, Harvey narrowly missed a triple takeout with his first stone …. then had to make a double takeout with hammer for a blank on two stones frozen in the 4-foot circle.   After trading singles the next two ends, Harvey engineered a determined comeback attempt with a pair in the 7th end, but McInnes Cooper was left with an open takeout against two with hammer in the final end.   Skanes made no mistake making the final score 7-4.





2 – 0        Fun ‘N’ Fast

1 – 0        Rick Rowsell Men’s Team

2 – 1        Carroll Investments

2 – 1        Olson Curling Supplies


1 – 1        Team Labatt

1 – 1        Team Strong (sponsored by Asham Curling Supplies)

1 – 1        Shelley Nichols Women’s Team

1 – 1        Team A. Harvey

1 – 1        McInnes Cooper

1 – 1        Therapeutic Services Physiotherapy

0 – 0        Colin Thomas Men’s Team


0 – 1        Stavanger Dental

0 – 2        Miller Lite / Platinum Business Solutions

0 – 2        John Sheppard Men’s Team


NOTE 1:    The next draw in Super League will be Wednesday at 6:00.   The RE/MAX Centre is open to the public during Super League contests.